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Friday, Jan. 28, 2022

8:00 pm Doors, 8:30pm Show

$12 ADV | $14 DOS

Presented by:
Triple D's

  • Migrant Worker

  • Slow Parade

  • Migrant Worker

    Migrant Worker has been blurring the lines between roots music, alt country, and southern groove in their hometown of Atlanta and neighboring regions of the South for some years, featuring a who's who of Atlanta players over this time. In 2020 they released their eponymous LP. To quote a review from Americana UK - "Like many of the great bands that have come out of the southern states of America, Migrant Worker represent a melting pot of the sounds and influences that surround them. The terms ‘Americana’ and ‘Roots Rock’ that have been used to describe them are probably too narrow to fully portray the richness and diversity demonstrated on this quite striking debut album." Migrant Worker seeks to bring back the urgency and realness that was once so ever present in the roots of American music. Migrant Worker has supported such acts in the past as Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives, Charlie Crocket, Johnny Fritze, Todd Nance of Widespread Panic, Cody Dickenson of North Mississippi Allstars, and played Atlanta's own Sweetwater 420fest.

  • Slow Parade

    Slow Parade is a cosmic american musical collective from Atlanta GA. Led by tunesmith Matthew Pendrick, Slow Parade melts the song-forward sensibilities of a century of roots music to a sonic pallet of wanderlusting psychedelia. The group's second LP 'Hi-Fi LowLife' is a dizzying kaleidoscope of a record, bursting from the speakers with beautiful abandon; a hazy eyed song cycle that points a deep gaze into the state of modern life. The goals of this particular Parade were explicitly implied through means of analog conversion : Slow Parade, to follow sonic bliss, translating the oft mud caked melodies back to silver vibrations of which they were born. Slow Parade, dreaming backwards in cut time to a pool party in the clouds. Slow Parade, to catch the tail of the echo loop that does knows no decay.

  • Mermaid Motor Lounge

    Aside from the inventive name, Erwin and his team, consisting of bassist Troy Harris, fiddler Jenna Mobley, drummer Ryan Van Fleet and guitarist Matt Pendrick, have created a mystifying and unique sound that Erwin describes as that of, “an alt-spacecowboy rock band with fleeting moments when they sound a little like a country band.” Expect guitar dexterity, electric guitar and plenty of reverb, bass, fiddle, harmonies, and eclectic percussion. 2019 ended with a fun bang when the band was cast as primary cast members on Dolly Parton's Hearstrings ["Sugar Hill" episode] on Netflix. Then, in January 2020 a week was spent at Chase Park studios in Athens, GA working on the second album with Producer Scott Mcaughey [REM, Minus 5, Wilco] and Engineer Drew Vendenburg. They were looking forward to having some new tunes on tape! Not long after that though, the COVID-19 pandemic took over the country. Regional and local shows were canceled everywhere. Mermaid was never able to get back into full swing...until the need to perform was too overwhelming. Mid-March, the band hooked up with neighbors, borrowed a boat and hauled it with a trailer to make a rolling stage and organized the #safesix boat-tour around Atlanta’s in-town neighborhoods. People had been thrust into a new normal, and out of nowhere Mermaid Motor Lounge cruised by their houses on the back of a boat playing music as a roving-review. They brought this sight to sore eyes and spread good will and comradery. It made people feel they were still part of a community in this beautiful city. They were able to share a common experience with their neighbors. Since there are no live-music shows anywhere, for audiences or for bands, Mermaid has continued playing the streets everywhere they have been able to. Eventually, the local news stations began sharing videos that neighbor’s shot (WSB-TV). CBS-46 tracked the band down for an interview and to highlight the fact that music always makes people feel better during crummy times. 11 Alive recently reached out and asked about the state of live music and how MML continues with the boat. GPB reached out about their #myGeorgianeighborhood campaign for the same reasons. And, most recently, HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade shared a video of the band spreading happiness through music. Now that the band is in full swing, though, we’re all in for some real fun. When a crew like Mermaid Motor Lounge shows up with as much passion, talent and experience as they do, it’s a surefire recipe for a great time. In Josh Erwin’s words, Mermaid Motor Lounge’s mission statement is simple: “To connect people to music and golden mermaids through songs they never knew they’d ever hear.”