Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021

8:00 pm Doors, 8:30pm Show

$12 ADV | $12 DOS

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Triple D's

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  • Rose Hotel

    NASHVILLE, TENN./ATLANTA, GA: --- For those who feel they are hopelessly grasping for a glimmer of hope in the year 2020, Atlanta-based psych dream pop act Rose Hotel is back with their first release since the locally-acclaimed self-released debut LP I Will Only Come When It’s a Yes last summer. Offering brief calm, “Drive Alone” b/w “Constant” (out Thursday, October 29 via Nashville‘s Cold Lunch Recordings) is a welcome return to form for the mid-fi quartet, a small refuge from the heaviness of the current times. Frontwoman Jordan Reynolds’ (Buffalo Rodeo, Neighbor Lady) delicate harmonies and vulnerable lyrics are backed once again by the inimitable Tim Gratz on guitar and backing vocals, with Vinny Restivo and Adam Weisberg rounding out the rhythm section. The songs were produced by Damon Moon in Atlanta at Standard Electric Studios and mastered by Christopher Colbert of Number Station. Accompanying the digital release, Rose Hotel will release new limited-edition merch: a cassingle and a screen-printed bandana, designed and produced by small businesses and local artists. Captured with the warmth of analog and mastered to tape, the pair of singles explore themes of loneliness and independence.The A-side quickly lifts off with Weisberg’s lilting snare as Reynolds ruminates on a young love fading away in the rearview mirror. Reynolds once again combines hauntingly relatable vulnerability and matured intuition as she poses the question, “Did you really love me or did you just wanna know how it felt to be inside a woman’s body and a woman’s mind?” The starlit composition makes Reynolds the ideal copilot for your night ride. While both songs were recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the States, “Constant” sounds like a foreboding warning of what was to come. “Fearing attachment to my detachment/it’s constant” sounds as relevant as ever, as all of us feel around in the dark for where our next step will land, Rose Hotel reminds us that the lonely are never alone.

  • Chick Wallace